German Shepherd Training Tips

German Shepherd Training Tips

German Shepherd Training Tips provides German Shepherd dog owners with useful information on training their dog. 

German Shepherds are highly intelligent and strong dogs and these qualities make them popular dogs to have as pets.

German Shepherds are also used by the military, police forces and as guard dogs. Training a German Shepherd can be a fun and time for relaxation.

Training will teach your dog vital skills such as coming when called and how to heel when walking. Once the training skills have been learnt and mastered you will have a wonderful friend in the form of a reliable, loving German Shepherd.

German Shepherd in the Pool
German Shepherd on Field
Popular German Shepherd Training Articles:

Basic Dog Training Commands

The basic dog training commands are a very important part of training your dog. Before advancing to any other type of training, these basic commands should be mastered. Always make sure the dog understands the command before advancing to the next command.

Initial Dog Training Exercises

After mastering the basic dog training commands, the next step would be to perform the initial dog traing exercises. These exercises will be an introduction to the dog and the owner. The first exercises are important as they cover vital aspects of dog training such as sitting and the dog sitting on furniture.

Rules for Dog Training

Dog training rules are put inplace to make sure that the dog and the owner are not hurt or taken advantage of. These rules can also act as guidelines during the dog training sessions.

Training a Puppy

Training should begin when your puppy is at the tender age of between ten to twelve weeks old. Puppies can be mischieves and very naughty, but with proper training your German Shepherd puppy will hopefully be obedient and well behaved.

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