German Shepherd Training Tips

Disciplinary Problems

Disciplinary problems might arise while training your German Shepherd and these problems need to be sorted out properly. To ensure that your dog is not hurt or emotionally abused during disciplinary troubleshooting, make sure you follow the rules of dog training.

The obedience exercises mentioned in the obedience training part 3 more advanced training. You will have reason for pride when your dog learns to execute these tasks to perfection. Some dogs will never be able to do these tasks and this should be accepted by the owner.
Don't immediately feel crushed if your training efforts run into some unexpected snags.

It is not at all unlikely that your German shepherds may not develop the determination and skill to complete one exercise or another and persistently refuse to cooperate. If it wears down your nerves to a frazzle and there is simply no sign of progress, please do not make the mistake of resorting to force, possibly even beatings, to achieve your goals. This will only make your dog scared and despondent which can permanently damage the relationship between you and your dog.

Naughty German Shepherds

German Shepherds can get bored if not taken for regular walks and this can lead to mischievous behaviour.

Start by scrutinizing your own behavior toward the dog. Are your dog training commands always unmistakable and unambiguous, and do you wait until your dog has mastered one lesson completely before going on to the next? Are you sometimes tense when you work with your dog, or do you let yourself be distracted? If you find no weaknesses on your side, turn a critical eye on your dog and its surroundings. Could it be sick? The presence of one or several bitches in heat nearby will affect a male's behavior.

If none of this is the case, your best bet is to turn to your local German shepherd dog club for advice. Experienced dog owners often spot the cause of problems more easily than a novice, and once a problem has been identified the situation is usually easy to rectify. If your dog turns out to be sick or if there is even the suspicion of illness you must take it to a veterinarian.

Remember to care for your dog and to respect it at all times, otherwise you will not build up a strong relationship between you and the dog.

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