German Shepherd Training Tips

Initial Dog Training Exercises

Initail dog training exercises are important as they will give the dog owner and the puppy a taste of what is to come and what to expect from the training.

Firstly the dog will need to understand the basic training commands that a puppy needs to learn are "sit" and "ok" commands. These two commands should be learnt together. An ideal time to practise these commands is just before the puppy eats. This is done by setting the food infront of the puppy. Do not let the dog eat the food and make the dog sit by gently pressing down on it's rear. As slowly as you can say the word "s-i-i-i-it."

When the puppy is sitting, it has to wait for you to say "ok" before it is allowed to eat the food. If you repeat this procedure every day, you will be surprised how soon your puppy begins to understand. The command "okay" is also in the interest of your dog's well-being. If it only eats after it hears this command, you can be sure that it will not accept food from strangers. This will also decrease the chances of your dog being poisoned by eating dead rats, birds and other animals. Depending on the type of dog and the manner of the dog the eating food on command exercise might be difficult to master. You should not become angry with the dog, rather concentrate on other exercises. The reason why this command is extremely difficult to master is that it goes against the dogs natural instinct of eating available food to live.

The puppy should also learn that the furniture is not for it to use. If it settles down on the living room couch or on an armchair, use a loud, forceful "NO" and a light smack on its rump to urge it to jump down immediately. If it likes to pull tablecloths down, put a container near the table's edge. Make sure that the container is a pot or something that will make a loud noise when it falls. Bad behaviour could fall under the disciplinary problems catagory and this will need to be sorted out, keep in mind that the dog might be seeking attention or want to go outside for a walk or to play.

Health, Fit German Shepherd

A picture of a healthy, well kept German Shepherd.

If you practice these first lessons, which form the basis of its future training, in a playful spirit, your German shepherd dog will hardly notice that it has started the serious business of learning.

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