German Shepherd Training Tips

Leaving Your Puppy Alone

Leaving your puppy alone can be a nightmare for some dog owners. Young dogs might experience teething problems and this will lead to damaged property and disobedient behaviour. Puppies love to eat anything that has been left in their reach.

A puppy needs to learn that it will be left alone and it will have to stay in the house by itself. The best way to teach this to leave the puppy alone for short periods during the day while you are in another room but where it cannot hear you.

If you go out and leave it behind without having given it a chance to get used to being alone, you will return home with a number of surprises waiting for you. If it feels bored, it may come up with ideas to past time.

Owners will have to take precautions to avoid such happenings by locking the puppy up in a room it already knows and supply it with its bed that is used to. A bowl of fresh water and some toys is also a good idea. If there are mats, rugs or upholstered furniture - remove them and pin up long drapes. Lock away shoes, clothing, books and newspapers. Also remove any sharp or pointed objects that the puppy can get hold of and hurt itself.

German Shepherd in a row - CUTE!!!!

A row of cute German Shepherd puppies craving attention.

Don't lock your young German Shepherd's in the yard while you are gone. There are people who enjoy teasing dogs and this will irritate your dog. Dogs might also bark a lot if left outside and continuous barking can infuriate nasty neighbours.

Begging is not allowed.

The right thing to do is to feed your German Shepherd first before sitting down and having supper yourself. This should be done from the first day as it will ensure that the puppy does not make a nuisance of itself while you area eating. It is natural for the dog to sit by you with open eyes, but do feed him. It will be better if you say "No, Go Lie Down!" in a strict tone of voice.
After a few weeks your dog will have learnt that meal times do not render any food.

The video below shows training of a 4.5 month old German Shepherd Puppy:

German Shepherds are wonderful companions and when they are puppies, they are adorable.

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