German Shepherd Training Tips

Obedience Training - Part 1

The first part of the dog's obedience training will cover walking the dog on the leash, and teaching the dog to follow the owner without a leash.

The initial training exercises are designed to teach your dog to listen and obey. This is by asking the dog to release whatever it has in its mouth when you command "let go." Begin by giving it a ball or a piece of non splintering wood to hold in its teeth. Command it to sit, and when it does that correctly, praise it. Then, slowly
open its mouth by pulling its jaws apart with both hands and order, "let go!"

If your dog starts to growl, tell it "No!" with a sharp tone. Growling is a dog's natural reaction to anyone trying to take its prey away, and many dogs will put up a defense by growling and making a noise. That is why you start the exercise with a ball or a piece of wood. Eventually your German shepherd will learn to drop anything, even a piece of meat, as soon as it hears your command "let go." This is important because it is the only way you can protect your dog from dangers such as poisoned bait.

Walking on the Leash

German Shepherd held by trainer

Walking the dog without the leash will take some time and patience.

The next step in the training program is the command to "heel." Your dog will already know the basics of walking on a leash from its puppy days. The proper way to heel is when the dog walks on your left side on a slack leash, with its head about level with your knee. Start by walking with your dog in a straight line, and repeat the command "heel" at short intervals. If it starts
pulling ahead, yank it back with the leash.

If the dog is dragging behind, a firm pull on the leash will usually bring it up to your side again. Then you can advance to start practising turns. For this you hold the dog on a very short line; this way it is forced to turn with you. Command "heel" for your dog to stay at your side. Practise walking your dog in a straight line and with turns to the right and left until it masters this exercise completely. It should follow wherever you go, even if the leash is slack.

Following Without a Leash

Your dog has to heel perfectly before you can start this chapter of the training. You begin by taking it off the leash and walking off while reminding it constantly using the word "heel" where its place is. Practice in a quiet spot at first. Once your dog performs well then you can advance by take it to busy streets and other places full of distractions and test it there. This way it will learn to obey the command "heel" off the leash even in traffic and other confusing noise.

Funny Video, German Shepherd vs Water:

German Shepherds are wonderful dogs and as this video shows, German Shepherds are good with children.

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