German Shepherd Training Tips

Training a Puppy

Training a Puppy is a vital part of owning a dog. It is very important that a puppy is trained while it is still young, instead of when the dog is older as it will be more difficult to train. 

When a puppy is a the rightful age of between ten to twelve weeks old it will be time to start training. This is the stage that people normally receive a new puppy. When training it is very important to address your puppy using the name that you have selected. Try to use the name at every opportunity.

It will usually learn to respond to its name within a few days. If your dog hears all kinds of nicknames, it will become confused and eventually not respond to any name at all.

Housebreaking your Puppy

German Shepherd Puppy

The sooner your puppy is house trained, the better.

The sooner your puppy is house trained, the sooner its company will become a pleasure and not a burden. You should take the puppy outside immediately after every feeding so that it can relieve itself. With males particularly, allow time for the puppy to sniff and investigate before the dog urinates or passes stools. Remember to remain patient at all time, even in the cold and rain. It may take a long time at first, but later it will become routine for the dog and things will go quicker. When the dog has done what it is supposed to do, you must praise the dog. Use the same words eg: "Good Dog" and speak in a friendly, encouraging tone, praise while using the dogs name.

During the course of the day you should take your dog out every two to three hours so it can relieve itself. To encourage cleanliness during the night, take your dog out for a last walk late in the evening, just before going to bed. Accidents will occur at first and they need to be tolerated as the dog is learning. If an accident does happen, approach the dog with a sharp 'NO!". Rubbing your dog's nose in its urine or stools is NOT hygienic and it is also pointless as the puppy cannot understand it.

A useful tip is to lay newspaper over puddles to soak up the urine. When dry, shake freshly ground pepper over the spot or wipe it with a disinfectant. This will prevent the puppy from using the spot again.

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