German Shepherd Training Tips

Training a Utility Dog

The German shepherd is a dog that has many abilities and advantages. Only experts can judge whether a specific dog has the necessary qualities to serve as a utility dog. For a dog to train as a utility dog, it will need to meet certain requirements and have a specific manner and temperament.

The dogs are tested before they are sent out on a special training course, and during the training many of the dogs are removed from the training as they cannot cope or they are not suitable.

The German Shepherds are judged according to strict criteria and time limits. The strict limits ensure that only the best applicants are selected.

Any specialized training requires a number of qualities such as:
  • Absolute obedience
  • Excellent scent discrimination
  • Good tracking ability
  • Even temper
  • Courage
  • Endurance
  • Fearlessness
  • Physical strength
In some situations dog and masters can receive training together. If you live in the mountains, for instance, both you and your dog can earn certification for avalanche rescue service.

German Shepherd Training in the Army

A German Shepherd being trained for military use.

The dog owner and the dog will be drilled in emergency situations. Or the dog can be entrusted to a professional dog trainer whom it will then also follow with total loyalty after the training.

The video below is a tribute video to German Shepherds:

German shepherd dogs can be trained not only as avalanche rescue dogs but also as police dogs, guard dogs, assistants in fighting drug traffic, guide dogs, and now, in the United States, guides for deaf people. The Red Cross and other similar organizations also use them as search dogs after earthquakes or other catastrophes. Only exceptionally talented animals are eligible for special training.

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