German Shepherd Training Tips

Adjusting to a Leash and Collar

It is hard to say just when a puppy stops being a puppy, but from about the fourth month, the term "young dog" becomes more appropriate.

The young German Shepherd will now be filled with energy and eager for action. This is the stage of  rebellion, and you may run into some snags with your educational efforts. The dog will not want to learn or it will want to play.

The leash should never be reminded of unpleasant experiences such as a smack. Never hit the dog with the leash or use the end of the leash as a whip. The puppy has to come to you, even without a leash. The leash is a vital tool for any dog owner. Leashes will make taking your dog for a walk easier and safer. It will also help to control your dog if other dogs are loose.

German Shepherd Puppy with Cute Eyes :-)

Puppies needs to be taught with patience and understanding.

For the first time that you let the puppy off the leash it is recommended that you are in a quiet, safe spot where the puppy cannot run very far. It will likely run and take no notice of your calls. This process takes time so it is important for you not to lose your patience. Try to attract attention by rubbing a sweet wrapper while calling the dog’s name. Or walk off in the opposite direction. Your dog will soon come back to you as their pack instinct will kick in. Do not run after the puppy as it will become scared of you or think that it is a new game.

Having a collar on your dog is vital as it can save your dog. With patience and time your dog will get used to the feel of the collar on it. After some time your German Shepherd will accept the collar and run around as if there is no collar. A collar has a number of advantages such as if the dog runs away or gets lost, the collar will be the only way of contacting you (the owner). It is in your and the dogs best interests to get a collar and leash for you dog.

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